Pressure Regulators

Great variety of elements made from high quality cast iron - valves, pressure regulators, fire hydrants, filters...

HDPE Fittings

High-density polyethylene polyethylene products (PE100) for butt fusion and socket fusion.

Cast Iron Fittings

We provide a full list of Cast Iron fittings, used for water supply and other liquids, like fuel, oil etc...

Fire Hydrants

Best choice fire hydrants. We have available in stock wide range of dimensions.

Steel flanges

Water supply flanges available in stock. Available dimensions from Dn20 to Dn600 - Galvanized or Stainless.

Compression fittings

Polypropylene compression fittings for PE pipes, easy to use and install. Long-life material, suitable for underground installation.


We will be pleased to help you with our goods, our mission is to provide only top-quality products on the lowest price available in Europe. All our products are certified and tested.


Economy pallet grouping

Delivery with courier service, based on a single pallet 120/80cm. Suitable for all orders, we are grouping your items and pack them on a single pallet.

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Single box

For small order we are using courier service like DHL, FedEx, Interlogistica and more, to provide you the best price and delivery timing.

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Express Delivery

Suitable for small and light items and samples, fast air delivery, provided by DHL. Normally it takes less then 48 hours to receive your order at any place in Europe.

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